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Olivia is the European Champion of Public Speaking and the Top Woman Speaker in the World Championship of Public Speaking, 2011, held in Las Vegas. She is trained in movement, acting and voice and holds a first class degree in Communication and Linguistics.

She has appeared on stage in front of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, has over 20 years experience in production and sales and has worked for media companies including the BBC, ITN, Granada Television and Reuters. She has worked in both Europe and the States, giving Keynotes and workshops to audiences of up to 2'000.

She says, "So much attention is spent on branding, marketing and sales, but hardly any attention is given to polishing the performance of the spokespeople representing the companies". When not travelling, she is kept on her toes by her two teenage girls.

If you are looking for an inspiring, charismatic and energetic speaker who will transform your listener's perspective, Olivia has an amazing ability to truly connect with her audience and BLAST them to new heights.


Life-changing experience

"Are you in search of a good Public Speaking trainer? DO NOT hire Olivia. But if you desire a life-changing experience in public speaking and presentation skills, Olivia is the person for you. She scored 5,5 out of 5 last week on our 2 days training in Vienna. Doesn’t make sense? It makes perfect sense for those who attended! Some participants added number 6 to her score board. That says it all! Congratulations Olivia. It was unprecedented energy level during the whole course with touching sense of care for each participant."

Operations Manager at CFO Club Slovakia, Business Partner at EBCG

Simply excellent

"DYNAMIC! ENTERTAINING! ENTHUSIASTIC! POWERFUL! SPECTACULAR! ENERGETIC! This certainly sounds 'over the top', but I have had the privilege of building a personal and professional relationship with Olivia, and had the honor of sharing the platform with her. Without reservation, I affirm that there is no exaggeration in my description of her. Olivia brings her wealth of knowledge of the arts and entertainment, as well as speaking and training expertise, to the fore in every presentation. Her passion for speaking is surpassed only by her genuine desire to connect with her audience at the HEART and she is one of the BEST speakers with whom I have worked throughout my 18-year professional speaking career."

Mark Brown, World Champion of Public Speaking

Immensely valuable

"I only planned to run two training courses with Olivia this year, but the one-day programmes were so popular, and Olivia's style worked so well with the participants that I had to schedule two more. She also ran a "train the trainer" workshop at short notice, which I found immensely valuable -- showing me how I could up my game as a trainer."

Peter Sandbach, Head of Global Communication Training Hoffman at La Roche



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