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Ania is an accomplished, international senior executive, extreme adventurer, published author, philanthropist and a public speaker who instills her clients with confidence and courage to step out of their comfort zone and step up to inspiring leadership.

She climbed the highest peak on every continent including Mt. Everest, written a top rated motivational book (despite dyslexia) and built two schools in Nepal for over 300 children.

She understands the pressures of top executives, having been a Country Manager, COO, Senior Sales Director, Senior Integration Leader and Global Transformation Executive, building, restructuring and growing businesses in 16 countries in 4 languages.

For her outstanding leadership and contribution, she has received multiple international awards and is in demand as a keynote, workshop and TEDx inspirational speaker.

If you are looking for someone who can inspire you to move mountains, Ania opens people’s eyes, increases awareness and her "can do" attitude is highly contagious – BEWARE!


Amazing experience

‘She is a phenomenon, listening to Ania’s story from whatever angle you ask yourself: am I really living big? What else could I be doing? Her story provided a perspective to what I call problems … I felt humbled and compelled into action.”

Pure inspiration

‘This talk was highly inspirational – Ania – a normal person, like me but doing extraordinary things in a second language and away from home! If she could go through the discipline of all of that, anything is possible for me! It’s an awakening.”

Shifted my view

‘Tonight my view on leadership shifted. Ania’s ‘lessons learnt’ are weighty, thought provoking, transformational … and she communicates all those unbelievable achievements in such a modest way. Superb talk.”



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